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We undertake student transfers from all Universities to English speaking programmes of Universities in Slovakia ( Safarik University in Kosice ) and all Universities in Bulgaria ( Medical Universities in Sofia , Plovdiv and Stara Zagora )

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Information about the University and the city

Safarik University in Kosice

Kosice is the second largest city of Slovakia and possesses the major airport of the country with many international flights per day. Kosice is a University town with many academic schools.Pavol Josef Šafárik University was found in 1657 by the Jesuits monks and was established as one of the majors in the region by the Roman Emperor Leopold I in the year 1660. During the 17th and 18th century it greatly influenced the progress of science and the European scientific spirit.

Šafárik has many faculties among which the largest is the Faculty of Medicine which integrates the dentistry section. The Medical school is located at a distance of 15 minutes from the picturesque center of the town, where one can see the famous singing fountain.

The largest hospital of the city is the University Hospital which enjoys international recognition for its research activities and internationally recognized doctors. University is a member of many International Institutions such as the European University Association (EUA).

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry 

The Faculty of Medicine trains physicians and surgeons with broader general medical education, capable of providing professional medical aid and care aimed at preventive aspects of medicine. Vocational training is based on the latest knowledge in medical science and students are given the possibility to achieve the background for scientific activity as well.

Foreign language study and moral ethical aspects in the education of personality are presented in the spirit of the Hippocratic oath and are included in the study.

Students acquire specialized knowledge in theoretical, pre-clinical and clinical subjects through lectures, seminars clerkships, specialized practice and consultations.

The Faculty of Medicine has several significant partners – the Faculty Hospital of L. Pasteur in Košice and six other medical facilities, where the faculty provides students with practice.

As regards organization, the faculty is divided into 57 institutes and clinics, which provide the activity of the faculty professionally.

The students of Medicine do not have to use means of transport for their clinical lessons, as the University hospital is located next to the University building. The University also provides student residencies at a cost of 190 EUR per month, approximately. Renting an apartment at a very reasonable price is also possible.

Annual tuition fee:

General Medicine       10500  EUR
Dentistry                     11000  EUR

Application Procedure

The applicants must satisfactorily pass the entrance examination in Chemistry and Biology in written form (multiple choices tests). 

The dates of Entrance examination for the current academic year:
- in  June 
- in  August 

Place: The entrance examination test can be conducted either in the University premises or at the agent's premises. .


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