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Medicine in Slovakia - Bratislava
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Universities in Great Britain have global recognition because of the high level of education they offer, particularly in the Health Sciences.

All universities in England offering degrees in Pharmacy are checked every year by the "Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain" and the list of accredited universities appears on their page (

In order for a degree in Pharmacy to be recognised, in Britain and abroad, application for the course must be made through the official site of the Universities of Great Britain, and only for the 4-year program MPharm in Pharmacy (code:B230).

The Pharmaceutical Association of England only recognizes studies that have taken place at the universities mentioned in the website. Students who have attended any other University are usually required to attend an additional three-year program England and then they need to pass examinations by the Association. However, these exams are extremely difficult even for English students. That's why we recommend to students to only register in programs with code B230.

Universal already has a thirty-year cooperation with universities of Great Britain, so that your admission to all accredited universities in England is ensured.