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Why study in europe

European Universities, founded hundreds of years ago, have a long standing tradition in education, global recognition and reputation and their graduates excel professionally not only in their countries, but also in international careers. Nowadays, many overseas high school graduates all over the world strongly desire to continue their higher degree education in European Universities, in order to open their horizons, expose themselves to the experience of living in Europe, get involved with the international community and most important, have the experience of studying among professionals from all over the world.

Degrees obtained from prestigious European Union State Universities guarantee you a successful professional career in your country and abroad. Living within the international students' community of a European University also guarantees you to mature and evolve, not only as a professional but also grow up and mature as a citizen of the world.

UNIVERSAL  provides you the help and advice you need, in order to pursue your studies at the University of your choice and make your dreams come true with the easiest and most convenient way. We are official representatives of the Universities of the United Kingdom for a wide range of studies. We are also official representatives of prestigious State Universities of Central and South Europe for their English-speaking programmes in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Physiotherapy, Physical Education and others, such as Civil Engineering, Economics, Business, Management, Education (Teachers/Elementary and Primary) and Architecture.


These Universities include:

  • University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  • University of Varna, Bulgaria
  • University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • University of Cluj, Romania
  • Gr. Popa University in Iasi, Romania
  • Comenius University, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
  • Safarik University, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
  • Charles University, Czech Republic


All Medical programs of State Universities of the European Union are accredited by       W.H.O ( World Health Organization)
and the database can be found on the official WHO web site :

All listed Universities are also in the FAIMER list :

For more details please refer to the specific link in our site under the title "Universities".